Oasis Otters Club

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Welcome to Oasis Otters Swimming Club!

Oasis Otters Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club based at the Dandenong Oasis Leisure Centre. We are a friendly, family oriented swimming club. We provide a well structured training program catering for different levels of swimmers. The program covers those have just finished swimming school, up to State Championships and National Championships level. The range of competitive training programs we provide are designed to meet the needs of swimmers from pre-squad through to Age National swimmers.

Our Sport Inclusion Policy enable us provide wider range of training programs to meet the need of multi class swimmers and master swimmers.

We are promoting the swimming as a sporty rather than a social activity. The sport of swimming is not only a great physical activity but it teaches valuable life skills including the "Time Management", "Self Discipline", "Dedication", "Hard Work", and "Mental Toughness".


If you enjoy swimming and competing, come and join us. You can come down for a free assessment and participate in a free training session. If you choose to swim with us, we can help you reach your potential. It's easy to get to know us and we'd love to meet you!

Our Vision:

Promoting life long passion of swimming, embraces family support for all swimmers to achieve their best potentials both in their sport life and academic achievements.

Our Mission:


Developing young people's valuable life skills through swimming training.

If you love swimming and competition in school swimming, or want to become a state or national level swimmer, come join us. If you want to learn competitive swimming skills or keep yourself in better fitness condition, come join us. We'll provide you suitable training in a family friendly environment.

If you can focus and dedicate yourself to hard work, we'll do our best to help you reach your best potential. 


Community Notice Borad

We offer school Holiday Training Program for any Swimming Vic registered swimmers. Please contact us for more infomation.

For kids finished swimming school programs, summer break is a good time to start competitive swimming training. Come for your asscessment and free trial. let us make you shine in your school swimming carnival.